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Clip-on Book Light

Clip-on Book Light

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🔆 Pocket-sized Reading Lamp

📎 Easy Mounting


Product Information

  • Colour Temperature: 1600K - 6000K
  • Head Rotation: 270°
  • Brightness: 30% / 60% / 100%
  • Size: 3.5 x 10 cm
  • Battery: 500mAh (10-80h)


Due to high demand, order fulfillment may require 2 to 4 weeks for delivery. For any questions or if you require further assistance, kindly reach out to us via email at

Return Policy

Our commitment is to ensure the complete satisfaction of each customer with our product. If any issues arise within the initial 30 days of usage, we provide the option for a hassle-free replacement or refund.

Reader's Dream Come True

The Clip-on Book Light is your ideal late-night reading partner. With customizable brightness, longlasting battery life, and a portable design, it offers gentle illumination for hours of comfortable reading pleasure. Say hello to the perfect reading companion.

Easy On the Eyes

Indulge in hours of reading without straining your eyes, thanks to the Clip-on Book Light's gentle glow. Designed to provide a soft glow that won't irritate your eyes, this lamp sets you up for comfortable evening reading sessions.

For Long Night Reading

With its reliable battery the Clip-on Book Light can be used without interruptions. Simply charge it up, and you're ready for countless reading adventures.

Easily Adjusted

Customize your reading experience to suit your preferences with adjustable brightness and temperature settings. Say goodbye to harsh blue light that disrupts your circadian cycle, and hello to a warm, inviting glow that enhances your reading experience.

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